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SF Community Power pilots innovative programs that improve our neighborhoods' environmental and economic conditions. We help small businesses and low-income families lower their expenses and reduce their ecological footprint. Our work provides policy makers with demonstrative ways to solve complex resource allocation issues.

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Demand Response — Get Paid to Flip a Switch!

Our Demand Response Energy Alert program pays small- and medium-sized Bay Area businesses to reduce their electricity use during peak periods, when demand is especially high. The program helps the state avoid blackouts and reduces reliance on the most polluting power plants. This FREE program provides a sustainable way to manage your energy use at a time of rising energy costs. more info


Community and Trade — Local Solutions for Climate Change

Our climate change initiative helps small businesses and low-income families reduce their carbon footprint. Participants in this pilot program save money, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and transition to using more sustainable products. The program also provides policymakers with a demonstration program that could point to cost-effective ways of addressing the equity issues associated with global climate change. more info


San Fran cisco Smoke Stack

SF Community Power helped close the century-old Hunters Point Power Plant, one of the oldest and dirtiest in the state and the single largest stationary source of air pollution in San Francisco.


Neighborhood Newswire — Community-Based Journalism

The Neighborhood Newswire provides high-quality articles to community newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area. more info

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