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Green Consulting

Clean Tech Services

SF Community Power provides the following services to clean tech innovators and vendors:

Real World Testing:

SF Community Power will arrange for and monitor the installation and performance of a clean tech device at one or more suitable Bay Area businesses. We'll procure electricians to install the device, monitor and verify savings and obtain feedback from participating business owners. We'll provide information about how the product performed in actual operating conditions. If the device delivers on its promise we can recommend it to other energy users.

Listening Conversations:

We're available to convene small businesses and residential customers in structured learning conversations, and to conduct surveys about your product. We?ll obtain feedback on your marketing materials, test-drive sales pitches and provide an assessment of how your product's attributes can be better communicated to potential clients.

Regulatory Assistance & Analysis:

Our staff has extensive experience with all aspects of resource-related regulatory work, having developed strategies, drafted testimony, and served as expert witnesses before the California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, California Public Utility Commission and State Water Resources Control Board, among other venues. Over the course of two decades, and on behalf of a variety of clients, we have consistently provided effective representation and expertise on complex public policy issues.

Briefing Papers and Market Evaluations:

For an additional fee, SF Community Power can provide a comprehensive written analysis of real world test results, focus group findings and/or regulatory recommendations.


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