Climate Change


Find ways to reduce polluting air and greenhouse gas emissions, and lower energy and water bills, at your [home, school or business]

Climaet CHange Garbage Icon
Find out how to reduce your waste stream at home or the office, including resources for proper disposal and recycling of electronics and bulky items.
Climaet Change Appliances Icon
Assess your energy consumption at home or the office due to appliances, plus rebates for high efficiency models.
Climate Change Cleaning Supplies
Less toxic alternatives to conventional cleaning products, and resources to purchase environmentally conscious office
Climate Change HVAC icon
High efficiency heating and cooling products, & publicly-subsidized programs for HVAC system maintenance
Climate Change Lighting icon
Low-cost, money-saving lighting retrofits & other lighting options and tips on how to lower your lightingrelated energy costs.
Climate Change Plug Load Icon
Access free software and tips on power strip use to lower energy consumption associated with everything that plugs in.
Climate Change Transport Icon
Information on public transportation, car sharing, & other ways to reduce private vehicle use.
Climate CHange Water Icon
Rebates for water saving appliances and tips on how to reduce your water bill & make water conservation at home or the office easy.
Climate Change Demand Response Icon
Get paid to temporarily reduce your businesses’ electricity use, as a way to save money and lower demand for especially polluting power plants.