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Demand Response

Participation in a demand-response program is a sustainable way to manage energy use at a time of rising energy costs. It's also a way to reduce greenhouse gas and polluting air emissions and green your business!


SF Community Power's Demand Response program participants are paid to temporarily reduce their energy when demand is especially high.


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Making Demand Response Work For You
Demand Response: Your energy future



Downtown San Francisco

Demand Response programs are the state's last line of defense before blackouts might be triggered or the most polluting power plants must be turned on when demand for electricity peaks during the summer.



"[SF Power's] program motivates business owners to take energy-savings steps."

—SF Chronicle


"We've had a lot of guys come through saying do this, do that, but you're the first one that approached us with a plan."

— Baron Green, Director of Operations & Facilities, Mills Peninsula Health Services

"SRM Associates enrolled in Community Power's Energy Alert program because we recognize the important role that building management plays in occupant health and productivity, resource conservation and the reduction of global warming. SF Community Power's program helps make it easy for companies like SRM to be good stewards for their building tenants and for the environment as a whole."

— Laura Billings, Project Manager SRM Associates



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