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Making Demand Reponse Work For You

Our participants have been able to reduce their energy use by at least five percent when called upon without impacting operations; some participants have temporarily cut their power use in half. You can easily save one kilowatt by turning off ten 100-Watt light bulbs; 20 fluorescent fixtures; electric motors; refrigeration compressors; heavy-duty appliances and adjusting the thermostat in air conditioners.

We want you to succeed!

We are committed to helping your organization successfully participate in Demand Response. We provide email, fax and phone notifications to multiple recipients, give FREE Energy Alert placards for posting in lobbies, and are available to give presentations and write articles on energy conservation for your newsletter.


Demand Response

The following are downloadable documents to help make Demand Response work for you.
Demand Response Program Flyer. Click here for print-friendly program information.
Download Tip sheet. Tips on how to lower your electricity use on Energy Alert days
Sample list of participants See the range of businesses participating in our Demand Response program.
Demand Response in the press


Following are some examples of how SF Community Power's Energy Alert program participants from a cross section of industries curtail energy use during grid emergencies:

Retail Business:

George Nasrah, owner of Geary Wholesale, turns off most of his overhead fluorescent lights, unplugs glass door merchandisers stocked with non-perishable soft drinks and puts his pallet jack on a timer to be charged during off-peak hours. His warehouse has skylights that bring in enough natural light to not inconvenience his staff and customers. His rush hours are from 7 am to 10 am; when he reduces his energy use at 11 am he's also reducing his operating costs.

Government facilities:

Government facilities shift the time their well pumps get turned on to off-peak hours, turn up the air conditioning a few degrees and turn-off lights next to windows. Although many cities may have their larger buildings already enrolled in a Demand Response program, they find SF Community Power's Energy Alert program an attractive opportunity to involve smaller facilities in energy conservation efforts.

Multi-Story Buildings:

Property Managers, along with their engineers and facilities staff, work together on a two prong strategy: one alerts tenants on steps they can take by placing SF Community Power's free Energy Alert Placards in their lobbies, informing office managers of a pending alert and disseminating curtailment tip sheets. The other involves direct actions the facility managers can take, such as curtailing a bank of elevators, pre-cooling a building and turning off heat pumps.


The Kimpton Hotel chain, Amerisuites and others place an Energy Alert notice in the rooms alerting guests that they can play a role in helping California avoid blackouts and reduce greenhouse gas and polluting air emissions by making sure lights, TVs and appliances are not left on unnecessarily and suggest that guests voluntarily turn up the AC thermostat to 78 degrees.

Car Dealerships:

Participants such as British Motors and Putnam Mazda turn off lights and turn up the air conditioning to 78 degrees. They also display SF Community Power's Energy Alert placard in their lobby. The placard informs customers that today showrooms are operating with reduced lighting to help the state avoid blackouts and reduce greenhouse gas and polluting air emissions.




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