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Innovative Research


SF Community Power collaborates with social scientists, including economists and policy analysts, to investigate complex resource issues, with an eye towards providing policy makers with the information they need to craft effective programs. Frequently this research takes the form of pilots, in which we implement programs in real-world settings and examine the results. In many cases our research has resulted in the adoption of new programs, particularly related to improved energy management practices among low-income households and small businesses.


Current or past research efforts include the following:

Community and Trade Pilot Initiative

We are examining the feasibility of securing small-scale, community-based greenhouse gas emission reductions through our work with low-income families and small businesses. See Climate Change

Distributed Energy Resources "Test Bed" Pilot

SF Community Power conducted a study examining the cost-effectiveness and benefit-costs of implementing distributed energy resources on two distribution feeder lines in San Francisco, as well as recruiting small energy users (e.g., less than 200 kilowatts) into a demand-response program. The draft interim report can be seen here; the final report is expected to be published in March 2008.

Trans Bay Cable

SF Community Power opposed the privately financed Trans Bay Cable Project, which will create an underwater power line that connects San Francisco's electric grid into power plants in the East Bay. While the $500 million project was approved, our work led to the creation of $50 million in environmental mitigation funds.

  • Trans Bay Cable (TBC) Important Facts
  • Trans Bay Cable SFCP Comments
  • Trans Bay Cable Editorial
  • Trans Bay Cable Supply/Demand Comparison Chart (Excel Document)
  • Demand Response Regulatory Testimony

    SF Community Power participated in a series of California Public Utility Commission proceedings related to Demand Response programs, including submitting expert testimony. This work resulted in the creation of several pilot programs focusing on small businesses and low-income families.

  • Demand Reponse Comments
  • Demand Response Testimony
  • Track B Residential Dynamic Pricing Pilot

    We examined whether residential ratepayers would be more likely to temporarily reduce their electricity use to avoid black-outs and reduce polluting air emissions if they received education/information about the benefits of doing so.

    Statewide Pricing Pilot Reports:

  • Track B Evaluation of Community-Based Enhanced Information Treatment (full report)
  • Track B End of Pilot Focus Group Results (summary of a series of focus groups conducted with pilot participants)
  • Civic Engagement Survey

    We conducted learning conversations and an associated survey of various ethnic groups in Southeast San Francisco to examine the extent to which and how they engaged in civic affairs. This work resulted in the creation of the Neighborhood Newswire.


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